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400th Thanksgiving National Prayer

At a time when our freedoms and values are under attack, open to all who want to affirm the vision of the Pilgrims who came to a new continent in search of God-given freedoms and prayed with gratitude and hope 400 years ago. We will have live video from Plymouth Rock this Thanksgiving morning. RSVP Today

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2021 Save the Nation Conference

On Friday, October 8th, patriots from northeast PA as well as international visitors concerned about the loss of freedom in their nations, gathered to hear a powerful lineup of conservative speakers during the 3rd annual “Save the Nation Conference,” which was held at the Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland.  

Former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis spoke about the impact of 2020 election irregularities on our national political discourse going forwards. Cheryl Chumley, Managing Editor of The Washington Times Online edition, discussed the need for all of us to speak out against the leftist attack on our freedoms and to pass onto our children a knowledge of the Biblical worldview and American history.

Local Our Town publishers Bob and Dorothy Bierle pitched us on their efforts to launch the Second Church of the Immaculate Constitution. Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Rick Saccone discussed how America’s moral decline is in direct correlation to our separation from God. 8th Congressional District for Congress Teddy Daniels inveighed against the leftist narrative, saying “the insurrection took place on November 3, not January 6. Never in the history of the world has an unarmed group gathered to protest been called an Insurrection.” As Thomas Paine wrote […]

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