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Wake up to the CCP Threat

On December 8, Freedom Faith and Family Coalition supporters attended an alarming, but eye-opening event in Middletown, NY called “Wake Up to the CCP Threat.”

Speakers included

Sean Ling, from the Committee on the Present Danger- China. 

Chris Chappell, America Uncovered youtube channel with 2 million followers.

Kay Rubacek, author of Who Are China’s Walking Dead? and producer of “Hard to Believe: a documentary about the killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs in China.” Her family fled Communism in Russia and China

Sean Ling explained that as a student, he participated in the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in 1989. In 1999 a senior Chinese colonel wrote a plan called “Unrestricted Warfare,” which includes such things as shipping fentanyl via Mexico and spreading Covid 19 as a bioweapon around the world, heightened nationalism, industrial warfare through manipulating the supply chain, bribing Wall Street and information warfare, and spying through TikToc. Reports from CNN and the New York Times on the death of Zang Zemin actually praised a man who organized the organ harvesting industry in China.

Many CCP elites suddenly became rich with “privatization” of companies. Now we see demonstrations in Shanghai openly calling for the CCP to step down. They have locked down the […]

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