By Marie Koh
Courtesy of Rod of Iron Ministries

And the keeper of the prison told this saying to Paul,
“The magistrates have sent to tell you to go:
now therefore depart, and go in peace.”
But Paul said unto them. They have beaten us openly uncondemned, being Romans,
and have cast us into prison; and now do they thrust us privily?
nay verily; but let they come thrust and fetch us out!”
And the sergeants told these words unto the magistrates; and they feared,
when they heard that they were Romans.
And they came and besought them, and brought them out,
and desired them to depart out of the city.

– Acts 16:36-39

Acts 16:36-39 tells the story of how Paul and Silas were beaten with wooden rods and stripped naked on the street and later thrown into the inner dungeons of the prison; their feet chained and clamped to the wall so that they could not escape.

Around midnight, while they were singing hymns to God, a massive earthquake occurred and the door of their cell opened, and the chains of every prisoner fell off.

The Roman soldier began to fear for his life thinking that the prisoners had escaped, he drew out his sword preferring to kill himself than to die at the hands of his superiors, when the disciples stopped him and reassured him that they were all accounted for. And the soldier fell on his knees and he believed in the man Jesus asking them how he could be saved.

As followers of the Lord of the Second Advent, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, we are familiar with the miraculous way in which True Father was freed from the gulag of a North Korean chemical plant by the U.S. Airforce that appeared like winged angels in the night and delivered him from a certain death alongside those who stood near him. Reverend Moon’s biography is filled with such incredible stories of endurance, perseverance and a drive to live to fulfill God’s will, overcoming death time and time again under imperial Japan, North Korea, Syngman Rhee’s government in South Korea and the United States.

The twenty first century has been brutal for Christians around the world, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. However, despite extreme persecution in these politically charged times, Christianity’s flames of hope and revival are igniting once again across the world.

England is now recognizing her Christian heritage, once again refusing to accept the EU as their political representative which promotes Islam and the Koran over Christian values. Unfortunately, many have paid a heavy price for standing up for their beliefs and their free speech, facing hefty fines and even jail time. Patriots who have fought in recent wars for this government, but defend England’s independence from the EU have been treated like terrorists and even required to give a mobility inventory to the police every week recording their every move. This is happening to British citizens all over the country. Some have been beaten down by the police, threatened, and interrogated; they go after you and the families, friends, neighbors, cousins, aunts and uncles, the grandparents and your friends at work. They try to defame you, demonetize, isolate you and destroy your business if you have one.

Why? Simple—to demotivate you. Hoping you will break down and give up your cause.

Nine British citizens end up in jail everyday in this country for ‘hate speech’ or if you are caught saying something hurtful or offensive to someone in a public space. They literally report you and to jail you go. People are afraid to open their mouths in public and talk to each other. This is really happening! So people avoid debates. Nobody can have an intelligent discussion any more, at least not without reserve.

When you have politicians like Anne-Marie Waters from Britain First who gets thrown out of important meetings that concern the fate of the country, has her posts censored online and is prohibited from opening an account with a bank to fund her public activities, who can blame the British!

People are oppressed in this country and it is because of the EU and the UN making policies to control people that nobody wants!

When Tommy Robinson was arrested, everyone thought that would be the end of him: the Muslim gangs would certainly kill him or 13 months in solitary confinement would destroy his mind. The entire country lived in fear, shock and sadness. You could feel that energy everywhere. It was as though the whole nation was in mourning for her long lost son. Even people on the Left were protesting about his unlawful arrest and they were right, it was unlawful.

When his case finely arrived at the Justice Court in London, he was given an appointment and within 15 minutes the Justice Court Judge let him go, admitting the fact that the manner in which his case was handled, was indeed unlawful. Thanks to devout patriots and prayer warriors fighting for his freedom, he did 1 month in jail and 2 months in solitary confinement instead of 13 months.

Although Tommy Robinson’s freedom was a victory for England, bad news keeps rolling down the pipeline for the U.K. Not that its anything new, but the UN wants to fill the demographic holes in Europe by sending 59 million migrants to Europe by 2025, and just to make things clear, the Global Compact for Migration is about to pass a law that will make illegal migration a human right this month, making it a criminal offense to speak against it. The UN is about to turn Europe into the third world and no doubt, the next new rape continent of the world. It is well known that mass migration leads to massive unrest and to a rise in crime and murder. The EU is doing this despite the peoples’ choice to leave the EU, therefore leading Europe towards uncertainty and tremendous hardship in the near future.

A march for freedom took place on December 9th, 2018 in Central London. The people of England have been betrayed by their government who promised them Brexit, but are in fact doing everything in their power to override the peoples’ vote. This will not go down well with the people of England and they have every right to be angry and frustrated. These are your everyday blue collar workers, trying to get by day after day. This is a Christian nation, a patriotic nation and the people are saying,  ‘Enough is enough!’

The Roman officers in the Bible story recognized their mistake. They had unlawfully beaten and imprisoned the disciples who were Roman citizens and they let them go in peace. This happened under one of the most ruthless regimes in history.

Will the globalist European Union prove itself to be the greatest tyrannical order the world has ever seen? I guess, we are about to find out.